July 2017 will once again see actors, musicians, dancers and singers leading you on a journey through the streets of Dumfries in this biennial celebration of the world’s greatest poet.

First performed in July 2012 the streets of Dumfries played host to a unique promenade theatre performance which celebrated the life of Robert Burns in the town where he died.

Set in the early 1790,s which is the time of the French Revolution and a new movement towards Liberte` Egalite`Fraternite`.The promenade performance allows you to step back in time to share some of Robert Burns most poignant moments ,and walk the very streets which so inspired him to pen many of his best loved songs and poems.

Commissioned by Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival, the script for Life Love & Liberty was written by leading Burns authority and celebrated Scottish actor John Cairney.

John directed three performances of Life, Love & Liberty which took place on the weekend closest to Burns death date of July the 19th .

2014 saw the performance return to the town,this time under the direction of our very own Rabbie- Gavin Paul, who is again looking forward to taking on the mantle of actor/director for 2016.

The performances will be complimented by a number of Burns related activities, which we hope will entice you to enjoy a short break in the town Robert Burns considered as his song shop and which locals refer to as “The Queen of the South”.

559085_409601392425083_2089710j507_njaneBURNS15-gifCalling all Robert Burns fans around the world. Come and see the wonderful story of the Bard’s final years in Dumfries played against the background of the streets he walked  and the house he lived  and died in.

 Quote from Jane Brown President of the Robert Burns World Federation : This  dramatic event performed by folk in the local community tells the sad tale of Robert’s life in the town and is a unique opportunity to see at first hand the places which were his haunts  more than 200 years ago. Dumfries is ready to welcome you.


‘Man to man, the world o’er shall brothers be for a’ that.’

Cutty Sark sponsors of Life, Love and Liberty 2014.

Cutty Sark sponsors of Life, Love and Liberty 2014.